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Getting Started With Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is open source search system based of Apache Lucene. this is a brief introduction, you can find more information on Elasticsearch Official Site or   Wiki . What are features of Elasticsearch? Here are list of features of Elasticsearch. Real Time Search and Analytic . Distributed Data (Scales Horizontally)  Based on Apache Lucene High Availability Full Text Search JSON Based Documents RESTful API Multi Facets Geo Location Search Open Source How to install ElasticSearch? Download the latest version from . Then unzip it or use following command in console to download Elasticsearch. curl -L -O$ unzip elasticsearch-$ cd elasticsearch-$VERSION Now move to unzip folder and run following command {elasticsearch unzip folder path}/bin/elasticsearch It will start Elasticsearch How to use ElasticSearch? To interactive with data usi

AngularJs Tutorial: Getting Started

This tutorial will help you to create a dynamic web application using power of AngularJs. ·   What is AngularJs AngularJs is javascript MVC framework (maintained by Google) which molds static HTML application to dynamic web application. That was a brief introduction, you can find more information on Wiki and AngularJS Site . AngularJs follows MVC pattern to separate out model from view and manage it by controller. See this image Goal of using AngularJs is to convert static HTML template to dynamic (Angular) template.   ·   How to convert static template to dynamic (Angular) Template Now consider the following static HTML template which contain list of movies title. <html> <head></head> <body>   <h1>Upcoming Movies</h1> <ul>     <li>       <span>Godzilla</span>     </li> <li>       <span>Batman vs Superman</span>     </li> <li>       <span>Sta